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FAQ – How to use mehlizmovieshd.com


1: There is a Live Search[right corner of website] just write the keyword and wait  you dont need  click enter  because  its live search
2:there is a search filter   so do not  write season or episode    just write the correct TV name , in the TV page you ll see all season and episodes 

3:If you search movie  then you must write correct movie
forexample : You wanna search fifty shades darker  . if you write 50 shades darker   then there ll be no result
you dont need write all name of movie just write first keyword its enough 

4: if you get error loading media  msg : just refresh the page

5: if you get errror media not found : just use report movie button we ll replace it in 1 hour

6:  there is a 3 different player size : small middle and fullscreen  [default is smile ]

7:how can i  change  Movie Quality : you can change it with HD button  in player 

8:How can i download movies and episodes : you can easly download with download manager like IDM 

9: Rating and commenting movie : we asked  but couple people did it . and we do not ask anymore because   when you rate and comment  it doesnt make any sense for us  it was for you  but  now we do not care and we do not ask it 

10:  sometimes i see popup ads and alert on website : yes we added popup advertising in player .  if the advertising ask to you download some plugin for watch dont belive   just close it. you need nothing for watch videos on this website


11: I can’t find my Favorite movies, what can I do ? : Just use request form [  write movie or TV name with IMDB link] we accept request  only from registered user  so  dont forget the write your username also 

12: we update all  episodes  in same days   as airdate till 08.00 am europen time
there is a Recent episodes updated section in home page : you can see  all new updated episodes  there